Polycarbonate Roof

Why Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is a strong thermoplastic material that is lightweight and can withstand extremely low and high temperatures. This durable and practical roofing material is perfect for conservatories, patios, and deck areas.


The main draw of polycarbonate conservatory roofs is their price, being 3 to 4 times less than a glass roof. They are much more affordable than glass roofs and so may be a better choice if you are working on a strict budget. Also, whilst they lack the natural insulation benefits of glass roofs, it is now possible to buy solar inserts for polycarbonate roofing, which allow homeowners to enjoy the luxury of a warm, cosy conservatory but without the expense. Polycarbonate conservatories aren’t quite as aesthetically pleasing as glass conservatories but this is something you would have to sacrifice for low cost and functionality.

Foam backed or Clear?

Foam backed polycarbonate roofing is a lightweight option that’s mainly used for industrial buildings such as warehouses. However, many homeowners tend to use this material for carports, sheds, or other slightly sloped roofs.

Clear polycarbonate roofing is often used in sun rooms, patios, and other rooms that require natural light to be let in through the roof. Most roofing panels also come with a protective film layer to filter out the sun’s UV rays.

The benefits of polycarbonate roofing sheets

Polycarbonate panels can withstand force and are virtually unbreakable. This is why they are used in the construction of bulletproof police shields. The UV blockage is another huge advantage of these panels, making them the perfect material choice for constructing awnings in commercial buildings. As the panels are extremely light in weight, they can be easily transported and installed wherever they are required.

The excellent properties of polycarbonate panels make them the preferred material for building greenhouses. These panels are resistant to heat, sunlight, snow, and rain, which enable them to last for many years without fading or discolouring.

Expert help and advice

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