Why Choose Aluminium?

Aluminium offers an alternative to uPVC when it comes to windows and doors but what are the key differences that you need to consider?

Quality of Manufacture : Horizon’s range of aluminium windows, doors and bi-folding doors use only the Smart Aluminium profile in order to manufacture a modern, up to date, high quality and durable product.

Heat Loss – Aluminium windows and doors have been modified in a way that reduces the amount of heat loss. This is due to the polyamide material used having a very high level of resistance to heat transfer from the inner face of a frame which means that heat loss from the outside to the inside is massively reduced.

Colour Choice – Aluminium can be sprayed in pretty much any colour using the RAL colour process. This means your windows and doors can be personalised to your taste and preference and matched to existing windows and doors that aren’t being replaced.

Performance Consistency – Aluminium is a highly stable and robust material which means it doesn’t suffer from, as other window and door materials can, expansion and contraction, warping and rotting. This is particularly important for large windows, french doors and bi-folding doors.

Slim Sightlines –  The sheer strength of aluminium means frames can be made much thinner than they can in wood or uPVC. This allows more light into your home and leaves the windows and doors looking fantastic as the glass to frame ratio is much greater.

Architects Choice – As architecture design styles continue to change, aluminium has become the architects choice, simply because it offers much more flexibility. Homeowners are also following suit as the frames can be sprayed any colour and curved if necessary to fit in with contemporary building styles.

Summary of key features of Aluminium Products:

•Slim Sightlines

•High Security Multi Point Shootbolt Locking

•High Security Interlocking Bead

•Reduces Heat Loss

•Bespoke Frames Available In RAL Colour

•Dual Colour Finishes Available

•Superb Thermal Efficiency

•Energy Efficient

Aluminium Sliding or Folding Doors

The modern structure of a sliding or Bi-Folding aluminium door will be sure to add a touch of finesse and elegance to your home. The striking and bold glass facade will fold the sashes back giving you a stunning opening that will open up your home and allow more light in adding ambience and beauty to your home.

Help and Advice

We have installed numerous aluminium windows and doors  over the last 10 years so if you need advice on the benefits to your home of using aluminium please call us on 01566 773777, email us via or drop in and see us at 3a -3c Vic’s Yard on the Pennygillam Industrial Estate in Launceston.

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